Art direction, graphic design and photography for Design Academy Eindhoven intro week workshop for new students.


Daniela Dossi and Irma Foldenyi were appointed by the Design Academy Eindhoven to come up with a concept for the Introduction Week 2013 for the new master students. I was asked to collaborate as information designer and photographer. The week was planned so that the students from the three departments (Social, Contextual and Information design) would know each other, work together, explore the city, learn specific workshop techniques and practice with oral presentations.


Irma and Daniela developed a quite complex format to achieve this, and I was challenged with communicating it to the students. We decided to identify the students, the workshop techniques and the material sources (shops in Eindhoven) with the initials of their names. Each student received a personalized manual with the information needed to go through an intense week as smooth as possible. Every day, 20 groups of three students each were formed, and they were asked to come up with a concept and a material outcome related to the theme of the day (memories, ancestors, news, etc.). Then I would take the objects and photograph them in studio, to document the process and display the images in the catalog.


This method led to have a pretty big and interesting collection of objects that has been shown in an exhibition at the end of the week. The objects were identified with a code formed by the initials of the students; this indexing method was used both in the exhibition and in the catalog.