A series of striking images to display Tribe products.


Tribe-tech is a brand that designs and produces electronic consumer goods inspired by movies and comics for a young global target.


This project consists in a series of photographs used to display Tribe’s headphones, earphones and smartphone covers.


For the new Tribe website there was the need of creating a large number of images. To do so a system was developed, where just by making few photo shootings it’s possible to create virtually infinite variations of the same image, by using Photoshop to make color variations and then place a render of the product on the photographed character.


With this system whenever there is a new product to display on the website there is no need to do a photo shooting, but only create a render of the product and place it on an existing photo. This system is flexible and fast and guarantees consistency in the production of images.


The aesthetic of the project is striking, ironic, surreal and pop. The style is aimed to create a visual language that can unify the different styles of the brands in Tribe’s catalogue (Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Minions, Disney).


Creative direction by Francesco Poloniato.

Renders by Tommaso Morello.

Character design, styling and photography by Kim Costantino.