Future Landscapes

A three-hundred kilometres walk from Turin to Lyon across the Alps, in April 2014.


Future Landscapes is my graduation project in the Information design master at the Design Academy Eindhoven. It’s a research in between design and journalism. Here the Facebook page where the development of the project can be found.


FL is a research about the construction of the new high-speed railway Turin-Lyon (TAV) and the NO TAV social movement. The research is based on a three-hundred kilometres walk (fourteen days) from Turin to Lyon across the Alps, in April 2014.


FL looks at the social-political conflict around the railway project and proposes its own interpretation. While doing so, the role of design is explored: can a designer gather empirical information and share it as a unique story? Can this help in making a complex topic visible and understandable?


To free itself from the fight of opinions, the project investigates what is on the field, and maps the signs that the NO TAV movement has left on the territory in more than twenty years of struggle. This documentation is aimed to represent the conflict for how it looks in relation to the landscapes where it takes place.


The conflict around the TAV it’s a local manifestation of a global problem that involves all kinds of environmental, political, social and economical aspects: control of the territory and modification of the landscape; concept and practice of democracy, progress and common good; top-down and bottom-up construction of Europe.


This project wouldn’t have been possible without the people I met in Turin, in the Susa Valley and in France (2017).