The Life of Pedro

February-July 2016

The Life of Pedro is an ongoing project about the daily habits of my friend Pedro. In 2016, during a complicated phase of Pedro’s life, i proposed him to start collecting all kind of data in a shared google drive document. In this way, even if at a distance (he lives in Berlin, I live in Milan), I could be updated about his sleeping patterns, drinking rhythmes, nicotine consumption, caffeine intake, etc. On his side, he could have an objective and constant representation of his routine.


After more than two years, thanks to Pedro’s discipline in keeping his special diary, what started almost as a joke became a very long and dense collection of data, and we started wondering what to do with it. The data was then translated in a series of posters that show the radical changes Pedro has made in his daily life between 2016 and 2018. The information represented in this poster covers the first period of 180 days.